February 05, 2008


Today was that day where things were just a bit surprising in their everyday going-ons.

1. Early this morning, around 730, the school started getting calls from parents who's kids ride on public transit. Three different buses decided not to stop and pick-up somewhere between 20-30 students. Wee!

2, There are a couple elementary schools near to the highschool. As I was leaving, I stopped to let a herd of small children cross the street. One brother/sister set stood out. I'm fairly certain that the older brother was playing fetch with the little girl. Twice I saw him throw a pencil out in front of him. She'd run ahead, pick it up, and return it to him.

There were others, but these were just entertaining.

Oh! plus I got to watch Teel do a face plant into the sofa as he was searching for the remote. Not much of a story but a great visual!