January 05, 2008

You've acclimated quickly, sweetie.

That's how one of my first conversations with nerdygirl started. Granted I'd just returned to Laramie, in the midst of a snow storm, and was whining about being cold. But she's right. I did adjust to the temperatures here way too easily. Going back to the freezing north was just what was needed. I was jonesing for snow, but it seems I really needed a dash of freeze-your-nose-off-cold to couple with the bubbling happiness of having nearly all the Flock around again.

I was a bit worried about going back to see everyone again. For some strange reason I had it in my head that the group dynamics would have changed so much that it wasn't the Flock of my memory. Wrong. I was so very wrong. Well, yes, the addition of new peoples to the friendship circle and the absence of peeps who couldn't make it back did change things, but our friendship is strong. It was easy to fall back into the comfortable banter and gatherings of the group. I think this is what going home is about. While people and things may change the feeling and relationships are the same....comforting.

On a side note, it's also interesting that the Flock appears to always need a Miller in its midst. First me and now Max.

Linus asked me what my best Christmas present was this year. I tripped over my tongue and being put on the spot opted for turning the question around and answering what the worst present I received was. I've never been good with the on the spot Christmas questions. Now that I've returned to Arizona I know for sure that the best present I received this year was that week in Laramie.

Thank you to my Flock who made the trip possible, who waited in Denver way too long to rescue me from the airport, and who provided a fun, relaxing, and much needed break.

Thank you to my husband who didn't put up a fuss at my leaving for a vacation without him.