January 15, 2008

Rabbits are bad. Skinned bunnies are worse.

I was going to do a rambling babble post, but then I stumbled across a link I just had to follow. You see the tag on the link said, "Prepare to be disturbed." How am I supposed to resist that?

I'm not sure if I would say I was disturbed by all the images, but there were a few that made me shudder and think about gagging......but only a select few. Otherwise I'm all for the strange beauty /death juxtaposition this artist is creating.

Oh, you want the link? Surely, but first a warning: Do not click the link if you have any issues with seeing dead animals, entrails, or blood. If you do have those issues and still choose to click.......I am not taking the blame.

The Link - VNSFW


His Sinfulness said...

I'm not sure how I feel about the photos... I can see the juxtaposition, and it seems to say something not just about death and beauty, but about our place in the hierarchy (the human is alive and the animals are dead, not the other way around). It's still percolating for me...

Mandy said...

I've decided that while I find the idea idea of posing with skinned animals disturbing (for me)....that I won't say that I like this work, but that it is good - in that the artist likely achieved what he was going for- a strong physical/emotional reaction.