January 19, 2008

I rock the skiball!

Teel treated me to a fabulous birthday date on Thursday! It lasted into the wee morning hours of Friday, and then there was work, but now that I've slept I'm still all warm and fuzzy about it. We had dinner at a yummy Thai restaurant that was fancy enough to dress up for. I played pretty princess in my corset. Yay for losing enough weight that the corset makes a great accessory but doesn't restrict food intake too much! Then we headed to Dave and Buster's for game action. It was fun, but not being into shooter games, my play was extremely limited. I did uphold my skiball skills and distract my way into a few points at air hockey. Apparently, leaning forward to play the game...while in a corset...sets up a pretty good view. Who would have thought? After trading in our tickets for some cheap toys (finger traps and yo-yos that only yo) we wandered through a Barnes and Noble and collected an armful of books and games. Then we went to the midnight opening of Cloverfield. It's an ok movie saved by a really cool monster. It seems that much of the really interesting story (like possibly why the monster is attacking) was only content on the web.......and not actually in the movie. Oh! And he surprised me by bringing the laptop and the first episode of the new Torchwood season to watch while we waited for the movie. I'm thinking this takes the top spot for birthdays!