November 04, 2007

Pumpkin Fetish Model?

music: BV Podcast 5

1. Guys in kilts are still teh hottness.
2. I suck (and not in the happy fun way) at charades....even the kinky ones.
3. Boobies are one of the best accessories a girl can have.
4. In honor of the latest Black Vatican podcast : pumpkin pron
5. Yay for cuddles and flirty friends!
6. Things the BV should not endorse? feminine hygiene products.


His Sinfulness said...

1) Thanks!
2) There are kinky charades?
3) Yes. Yes they are.
4) Um... damn. Eew.
5) Yay indeed.
6) Agreed - BCP FDS is way too many initials... :)

Mandy said...

!. You get the credit for starting my obsession.
2. Yes there are! It's fun to act out things like "hotdog in a hallway" or "snapping pussy"
3. 'Nuff said
4. You're welcome!
6. I'd like to see a pair of BV bunny slippers though.