October 03, 2007

I was asked by Jim...

And now here are my answers. If you'd like to answer your own questions leave me a note in the comments section. Or just comment on my answers at will...

1. How and where did you get your favorite bruise ever? (Yes, I fear the answer, but couldn’t resist such a juicy question.)

Funny you should ask, my favorite bruise only occurred recently. It's my favorite strictly because of the reactions I get when people are told that my new special impact toy is a hammer. Yes, a standard straight from the toolbox hammer. The bruise was about baseball sized, nearly black, on my right hip. It was put there so I could see it. I'd been whining because I couldn't see the bruises left on my ass from a round (or two) with the baseball bat.

2. You have been selected for scientific research concerning the effects of video games on IQ. You must spend 24 continuous hours playing any two video games of your choice. Which games do you take into the isolation chamber, and what forms of sugar and caffeine will keep you going?

Oh! I can actually answer a question about video games! I'd take Elebits, a Super Mario game, chocolate/banana ice cream, m&ms, and a whole heck of a lot of Diet Pepsi. The isolation room is padded, right?

3. You are named Bi Grrl of the Year. As a reward, you get a naughty night with the couple of your choice. Who is the lucky couple, given the only fine print says you cannot select Brad and Angelina?

Hmmmm..Brad and Angie are out? Well Sandra Bullock and Jesse James could be interesting.....or any couple comprised of Navreem Andrews, Rose McGowan, Claire Danes, Alan Rickman, Bruce Willis, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Luke Wilson.....

Wait! If I'm Bi Grrl of the Year my publicist should be doing all the work choosing.

4. Select the “cause” that is closest to your heart (GLBT, MS, Kink, Bi, Literacy, etc). Finish pouting about having to pick just one and tell us what it is. What is the most important message you wish everyone would learn about it?

Ugh. Fine. If I have to choose just one I'm going with Literacy. I feel that reading and being able to read are undervalued in today's society. Too many people don't understand, or care to know, that words are power. The right combination of words can get you a job, stop a war, build relationships, invent new possibilities, topple societies, create great escapes, protect loved ones, and so many other things. But, you have to know how to use them. You have to protect them and cherish them, and still be willing to march them along the front lines and toss them around carelessly. Just a few words can change the entire world.

5. After an overzealous blow to the head, you can no longer see any shade of pink. What new color will be your favorite, and where shall we go on a shopping spree to replace a large portion of your wardrobe, which now looks grey and blah to you?

1. How was I overzealously bashed in the head?
2. Good choice of words there, by the way.
3. We can go shopping anywhere...as long as you don't let me walk around looking like a techni-color clown.
4. Did you know "they" are trying to remove the dash/hyphen from the punctuation catalog?
5. Red....red qualifies as my second favorite with hues (or is that shades?) anywhere from deep, rich, blood to shiny candy apples.


Squid said...

Ok I give. Ask me some questions!