June 24, 2007

Look Ma no wires!

I did something kind of bad today. I spent money. I really shouldn't have spent it. I should have kept it and not had to worry about living lean for the next couple weeks, but I couldn't help it. Really...I couldn't! After spending a week with access to Hilz' nifty go-anywhere wireless usb internet connector I just couldn't handle the contortions required to maybe get some borrowed internet access in my apartment. With a little bit of comparison shopping...just to make sure it really was the same price as the qwest access that the apartment complex people recommended...I now have my own nifty go-anywhere wireless usb internet connector thingy! Now, I actually can email, chat, watch tv episodes, listen to my podcasts, upload pictures...anything. So what if I have to be thrifty for the next couple of weeks? Go me!