May 16, 2007


I knew I shouldn't...and boy do I regret it now. I was rushing around from appointments to meetings, back and forth across town. I was feeling carnivorous and the thought of waiting until 730-8 ish for dinner was just too much for my stomach. The diet allows for meat (lots of it actually) so I decided to have one meal off (first time in three weeks). I only had a hamburger. Small compared to what I could have ordered...what I used to order. Ugh. There is a churning brick in my stomach. I'm kind of glad I did this. It's a good reminder of why I wanted to do this diet in the first place. My body likes healthy food. Ugh. didn't realize it was going to be like this.


His Sinfulness said...

I feel your pain. My red meat cravings are rare, and it'e even more rare that I give in to them; but they always leave me in gastric distress. As I always tell the local Flockers, "It's the tears that make it taste so good."

Benjamin said...

[laughter and then again not really gastric distress is rarely a laughing matter]

Mandy said...

*laugh* gee thanks for the sympathy guys.