April 03, 2007

Dear Bridget,

I'd love to sit and actually write you a real letter, but every time I start writing my brain seems to slip and twist and then I end up working on a story not writing the letter I'd planned. The box of goodies you sent arrived today! Thank you! I really should get myself in gear and send your box out. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger. It's probably all silly stuff anyway. I'm sure nothing is nearly as cool as the Nun-chucks t-shirt and the semi-stolen card. They are fabulous! I can't wait to wear the t-shirt. Wonder if it would be considered inappropriate attire for the school? Probably.

I wish I could type this in sparkly pink ink to match your sparkly purple ink. I adore the goodies and miss you a whole heck of a lot! Sooner or later I'll send your box of goodies on. Promise!

Oh! The chocolate is hiding in the freezer for a while. Apparently, it didn't like sitting out in front of my door. Silly chocolate.


Bridget said...

Yay! I'm so glad it got to you safe. Also, I hope the shirt fits right. I had issues with the whole size ordering thing. But it's cotton so if it's too big maybe you can shrink it a little.

And I miss you too! Awww. Mandy times are good times. I'm going to be in Colorado this summer for like a month, and Colorado is a lot closer to Arizona than New York, so maybe I can find a way to see you this year. Because that would be awesome. 'k.