April 28, 2007

Danger Will Robinson, Danger!

It is entirely possible that the universe will start rearranging itself. Planets may explode, stars could collide, Wyoming could become conveniently located right next door to Italy. Work with me here. I need chocolate.

It's my fault really...this craving I can't fix. I chose to sign up for the six-week diet challenge. I knew going in that the restricted diet was going to be different. I want that. Different is good. Different is what will help get me over this plateau. I've been loosing the same 10 lbs for a year now. I have the power to succeed at this. I do.

I get to eat lots of yummy things. Carbs aren't entirely out, but I'm mainly on protein, dairy, and fruits n veggies. Yummy stuff! In fact, most of this is foods I normally eat. Just not as scheduled and precise as this. No problem. It's worked for an entire week....almost.

But no matter how delicious strawberries and yogurt are (that was dessert last night btw) they aren't curbing the cravings for sweets. Particularly chocolate....in the form of ice cream....maybe with fudge drizzled over it....and chocolate chips.

See that. That's the danger I'm in. I have two days before I can officially say I've finished week one. I will make this happen. But it would be really nice if the craving portion of my brain would take a vacation for a while.


La Petite Fleur (AKA Tessa) said...

really dark chocolate has very few sugars and fats - see if it is allowed on your particular diet - you also need lees to fill the chocolate craving - at least i do

good luck!

His Sinfulness said...

It is no coincidence that the first three letters of "diet" are "die"...