March 06, 2007

Job hunting

Yesterday was the Dept. of Ed's Job Fair. It sounds like there should be games and prizes and stuff. Sadly, not. Instead, I got to walk around and around to talk to various schools. It is exhausting trying to be on-the-ball impressive for multiple hours. I was scheduled to stay at the event until 7pm. I had guessed that the schools would be doing interviews on the spot, like the last job fair I attended...most weren't. That cut my time down significantly. Which is a good thing for several reasons, but the most important one being that at the 2.5 hour mark I was ready to throw the towel in. My brain was full, my shoulders hurt (though they did give me a nice backpack to carry everything in), and I needed to sit and process. I was able to do that last bit in the car....driving home....after I negotiated my way through downtown construction.....and WWE Raw wrestling fans. If I talked to you at all during that time.....any time between 430 and midnight...I'm sorry about the insane amount of babble. Concise, coherent thoughts weren't happening at that point, so you got them all. Thanks for listening.


La Petite Fleur (AKA Tessa) said...

how did the actual hunting bit go, any good prospects?

Mandy said...

Ummm..there are a couple I'm really interested in. So, I'll apply and follow up with those. And I'll start hitting the list of charter schools harder next week. Cross your fingers and think happy thoughts for me, please.