March 10, 2007

I am easily distra....look shiny!

Just having one of those days where I can't focus on any one thing. It was my choice to have a lazy day, but this one came back to bite me. It doesn't matter what I do to entertain myself, I'm just not satisfied with it. I think the problem is that I know most of the things I have to entertain me are not my first choices. There are things I'd rather be doing. There are places I'd rather be. There are people I'd rather be with. But I've talked myself into being a responsible girl and not spending money I don't really have. Instead, I'm home driving myself bonkers. Treading water until it's time to leave for a friend's birthday party. I'm hoping that a couple girlie drinks (strong, pink, and sweet) and some obnoxious karaoke will get me back to center. I have stuff to do tomorrow.


Mark Travis said...

Ah,... restlessness. I know thee well.