February 07, 2007

Definition - Hug

Courtesy of Wikipedia; online encyclopedia

Perhaps one of the oldest and most important forms of affection is the hug. Its roots can be traced to many thousands of years ago. It is not a feature peculiar to human beings alone as there are many species of animals, which engage in a similar exchange of warmth.

A hug is the exchange of warmth usually arising out of joy or happiness at meeting someone. It is practiced in almost all nations, countries, religions and sects.

A hug is also exchanged as a sign of support, comfort and love. It has magical capabilities that can create lasting bonds of unquestionable strength.


I need a hug. Today. Right now. Make it a big one, please. Accidental drugging aside, it's been a big 'ole day.


Squid said...

*hugs super tight* Many and many of them, unfortunatly they have to be long distance, but there are as many of them as you need at any time. Love you. {{{{hugs again}}}

Mandy said...

Thanks baby. I'm totally amused by the fact your hug has more arms on one side than the other. *grin*

His Sinfulness said...

I am sending you one "Pope Tested, Ministry Approved" hug, complete with bells, incense, altar boys, pipe organ, full choir, and a baby crying during the homily...