February 17, 2007

Catching up...

Did you even realize I was gone? Probably not..which is alright. See, my internet connection has been down for days. Most of the things that keep me connected to the outside world were cut-off unless I used my classroom computer. But, my home is now completely caught up and functioning in our technical world. Yippee!

How is it possible that I made it through an English degree without any confidence or thought that I can/could be a creative writer? I have complete confidence in my ability to research and write opinionated, some-what fact based, theory papers. Fiction is a whole new game. I don't understand how literature can be a driving force in my life; but I've never felt the urge to put more than a paragraph or two down onto paper. I love stories...fiction. Reading. Hearing. Telling. I can write. Right?

An impromtu visit from my boyfriend started my long weekend off happily. It was marred by only one thing...a random 3 hour shift that I had to work this morning. It was short, he was asleep (for most of it, I think), and later there was a challenge issued* which I tend to fully accept. Though, for tonight and possibly some of tomorrow, I plan on being completely useless, jello-like, and letting some bits n pieces recover.

Lady sent me a fun care package. Movies (Labyrinth, Last Unicorn, and MirrorMask), books (a Fairy story and a Vampire story), and a couple pairs of odd shoes made for a happy surprise. Strangely enough, Friday my "lost" copy of Labyrinth came back to me. So, I'm now in possession of two. Any one want one? You know you want one. Who can resist the power of the Goblin King? Wait. Better question. Who doesn't want to see David Bowie and his codpiece?