January 22, 2007

Not so beta, beta

That's right. I gave in and switched to the now not beta, but new, version of blogger. While I figure it out (shouldn't be too difficult) I have a story...well blog post/article I think people should read. Lizzy found the link and I just couldn't resist sharing the theory of the pink sheep.

You've heard people called "the black sheep" but what if you are "the pink sheep"?

**** Random thought that appeared after I first blogged****

Heaven forbid that google ever go down, break, or otherwise decide that I am unworthy of its services. It is now home to my calendar, email, and blog. Eeep! Nothing like putting all your eggs in one basket. (Like the farm theme I have going?)


La Petite Fleur (AKA Tessa) said...

i have to admit i had no idea that there were gay sheep - the joke possibilities are endless - i knew that the animal kingdom has homosexual matings, thus negating the argument that it is unnatural. my favorite examples are geese and swans, because they mate for life and about 10% of those matings are same sex... how natural.

Mark Travis said...

I like farms.

Big Gay Jim said...

Nota bene: After the switch, your blog no longer crashes IE on my work computer. YEAH! I don't have to wait till I'm at home and can stand to look at the computer in order to track your life. Wheeeeeeeee!

Squid said...

Can we have fluffy bunnies on the farm?

His Sinfulness said...

Great article!

I thought we already covered this! Leave the gays alone, regardless of species!!!

(fucking fundie asshats...)

Mandy said...

1. That is very good Jim. I dislike not being able to distract you while you're at work (at least once in a while)

2. I agree linus.