January 03, 2007

Did you know?

...That I have enough vinyl at my disposal to dress me from breasts to toes?
...That I looked pretty yummy in it (Or so I was told)?
...That after an oh-so-needed whomping (Yay impact play!) my shoulders will require a minimum of two full days before trying to function correctly?
...That there are certain words or phrases that when whispered to me make me go all warm inside, and they aren't the standard predictable ones either?
...That I am desperately in need of a hair cut? (Now that I'm aware of it-it is driving me nuts!)
...That I've collected at least three new (to me) books that I'd love to get more than three pages into, but can't decide which to focus on first?
...That I'm not a fan of making New Year's resolutions?
...That for some conciously unknown reason I stopped my yoga practice several months ago?
...That the time is right for me to start that again?
...That it doesn't matter when I go to sleep - I'll likely be up (for a while at least) somewhere around 8 am?
...That I'm craving cookies and hot tea (Yay for dunking!)
...That my severe dislike for my toes seems to have been conquered or was temporary? (Now to work on my ears.)
...That after this next payday I should be out of the most recent hole I dug myself into?
...That my kitty hasn't stopped purring for the last day?
...That I've been to the movies more in the last month or so than I had for the entire year before that?
...That I hope that everyone had a great NewYear's and that 2007 goes the way you want it to?