January 15, 2007

Almost halfway...

My birthday is coming up, soon. Two and a half days to be exact. I've been thinking a bit more than usual about this birth marker. Usually, I am a supporter of the "it's your birthday - you're allowed to be selfish...for the day" camp. I want a party. I want people gathered in celebration. I want dancing. On some level I still do want those things. What's a birthday without some celebration? And yes, I know that there is a vague plan to have a party later....and that it is hard to celebrate when my birthday falls in the middle of the week, but that isn't what this is about.

I'm turning 30. Thirty. 3-0.

Honestly, I never imagined I'd reach this age. Not because of anything awful that I did during my life, or anything that could have happened. I just didn't know how to picture it. I still don't. I'm not sure what thirty is supposed to be. It sounds so official...so grown-up. It feels like I should have everything together and be ready.

I'm not entirely sure I know what my 20's were about. How can I deal with 30?


Over the course of the last few days, I've received a about a dozen birthday cards....all of which were apologizing for being late. Even more entertaining is the fact that most of these are from family.


Sometime during my sleep I decided that worrying to much about this is just silly. I'll be thirty no matter what and that I should just enjoy the moments. That was always my plan...and is still my plan.


Anonymous said...

Well if it's consolation, always thought of you as younger than me. Don't believe your age.

Mandy said...

Thank you Clay. Though honestly, it doesn't have to be a consolation. I'm not upset at turning 30 (even though the post does read that way)...just not sure what 30 is supposed to be.

~ the hilzy one ~ said...

Muah ha ha.
I am so plotting against you.
Be scared. Be very scared.

Muah. Ha. Ha.
Love you!