November 06, 2006


I seem to be experiencing a bit of "drop". I had a wonderful weekend! It was jam-packed with activities, kink, my leather family, and friends I adore. Even though the day has not been bad at all, I'm still feeling a bit discombobulated and let down. I think it is just the difference in the two parts of my life. I need to find a way to balance them out. As it is right now, the two worlds are at extreme ends of the spectrum. Realistically, I know that my life will always have to be a bit divided, but right now it is like viewing the other half from across the Grand Canyon. I'd rather it was just across the fence.

I don't have the answer today. Part of my "dropping" is sliding into my own head and chasing the what-if thoughts around. I think I'm going to go into hiding for the chocolate, jammies, and a cuddly kitty are the best ideas around.