October 10, 2006

A little bit of strangeness...

So..umm...while off playing in Phoenix, I apparently missed a group mummers. Don't know what mummers are? Go ask any one of your medieval geeky friends. There was a note taped to my door: "We came caroling, missed you." Huh? That's it. No signature. I don't recognize the handwriting. And why in the world are they singing now? Isn't that a Yule time thing?

In the technology hates me dept. my cell phone went wonky today. The message it gives me is that service has been disconnected. But it isn't really, which makes the whole calling/texting thing a big ole gamble. It's mucking around with incoming stuff too. Maybe I'll luck into Verizon liking me and passing my call through? Not likely as it hasn't happened yet.