September 13, 2006

Now...I could be wrong...

Cheerios is marketing a new cereal.

Out of curiosity....Anyone else see a resemblance to Fruit Loops?


~ the hilzy one ~ said...

They don't taste like fruit loops.

They don't even taste like the Low-Sugar froot loops.


I want my Froot Loops!

M.Matthew said...

SG is right, they dont taste like Froot Loops. But they do taste ok and the big plus is that they dont scrape all the flesh off the top of my mouth when I eat them. Call me funny but I think that not being reminded of razor blades when I eat is a good thing...not having a bowl full of red milk at th end of breakfast is nice too.

Mandy said...

Ohh you've tried it...good to know that fruit loops doesn't have any competition.

MM...not liking the flavored milk at the end of a bowl of cereal is a sign. You are old!

M.Matthew said...

Thanks but I was refering to the blood from my mouth that is caused by the sandpaper like fruit loops. Am I the only one with this complaint? Seriously?