September 06, 2006

Me - right this moment.

I must remember to breathe! Although, it is a tad hard to capture a full breath when I'm being tickled, teased, and generally tormented.....all while stretched on a rack. An actual, working, medieval rack!

Bridget christened me graceful, on her blog. I have to protest this title...especially seeing as I fell again on Sunday. This time I landed smack on my ass. My tailbone has a huge purple bruise covering it now. The last day or so has led to the development of a decent sized knot and some soreness. I've taken to sitting/leaning somewhat cockeyed...babying the one side. Maybe from now on I'll remember that spanking benches are not necessarily meant for sitting on....maybe.

Maybe it is because I still have a thing for Antonio? Maybe it is because I have a soft spot for dance movies? It could possibly be that I'm interested because of the whole "trouble kids" angle, right? Whatever the reason...I really enjoyed Take The Lead. I highly suggest it to everyone.

I just realized something. The clothes I bought this weekend are a size smaller than normal! Woo-hoo!


Bridget said...

Yeah, but I bet you fell gracefully. Heh.