September 09, 2006

A list of random thoughts...

1. I've finally updated the classroom blog....if any of you lurk there.

2. I promise I will update links sometime soon. I've got lists of people to add and urls to change.

3. Sadly, it appears that one of my favorite sex blogs (Pillow Book) has gone bye-bye. I'd link, but it has been completely removed. I always wondered what would happen when a couple (sex bloggers) broke up. This is apparently it.

4. I've two new blog/web obsessions - 1. Tomato Nation and specifically the GBC (Thanks Bridget!) 2. The Book Bitches

5. Now that I've become acquianted to the joys of iTunes, I've been pondering purchasing an iPod. Really this is only so I can then get my hands on this.

6. Being one with my toyness has always been a point of pride for me. I discovered a deficiency. I did not own a wand vibe. You know the ones with the bulbous heads, the huge hand-held ones that plug into the wall. That's been remedied. There may be details later...maybe.

7. I've been having dreams of human form. Odd, I know. They are reoccuring nightly. This smacks of some sign I'm supposed to do something with....but I've not been given enough information. Help?


His Sinfulness said...

Dreaming of dragons in human form, as everyone knows, means that you will have a bad corporate latte in the near future. Until the dragons in your dreams spin cocoons and change into goth faries you should avoid Starbucks and like establishments...

~ the hilzy one ~ said...

OK, I have multiple comments for your list... so I'll list 'em too.... k? K.

1) Yay for the school blog update.. You work so hard with those kids, I love to read about it.

2) Adding MM to the linklist? He goes by "Sick and Twisted Master"
or you can call him... nevermind...

3) MM loses a bdsm site at least once a month. It sucks doesnt it.

4) Send me an email with web addys please... I am always looking for fun web browsing at work while I'm on the god-forsaken phone.

5) I WANT ONE OF THOSE TOO. And I already have an iPod. Buy it and we can share *weg*

6) So you likee my Hitachi, eh? Me too. Thats why I keep it near the bed.

7) Dragons....Dragons.... who do we know that is affiliated with the symbols of dragons.... think REALLY hard here.... DRAGON-CLAN maybe? LOL. You're a part of MM/my mafily so eventually this is a clan you will belong to, i imagine.... could that be it?

Mandy said... I should avoid the lattes. Check.

But means I can't have my greentea blueberry frappachino! *whine and pout*

Mandy said...

Hilz...actually I'd ordered my Hitachi before you vibrated the hell out of my shoulders. That was just the icing on the cake. ;)

And I thought about that too (the dragon thing) except that these aren't any of you all....and the dreams well..just hard to explain. I'm not discounting it...but somehow I don't think its that. mafily somewhat like family? ;)

M.Matthew said... slave has beaten my to the punch here so all I'll say is ditto...oh and I love the IPOD know you have market dominance when they start building sex toys to work with your music player

Nerdygirl said...

Greentea blueberry frappachino?

Oh dear god woman, that might explain the dreams. Ewwww...

Mandy said...

oohhh but if you ignore the somewhat awful color it is really delicious!

Yeah. Ok. That might be it. Damn.