August 15, 2006

Welcome to Sesame Street

The newest member of the Muppet gang has made her debut...and she has a lot going for her. She's pink. She's sparkly. She has wings and a wand. She's a four-year-old fairy-in-training. She's Abby Caddaby!


Big Gay Jim said...

It'a a baby Mandy Muppett!

Nerdygirl said...

NPR did an interview with her last Friday I think...she's cute as a button.

M.Matthew said...

ya I dont know what is sadder...that you have a muppet on your blog or that I knew about it a week ago. Wait until you hear her. I wanna do naughty things to the girl who does her that wrong

Mandy said...

*grins to Jim* Isn't she cute?!? Now what muppet would you be?

I saw her on a morning show for her first tv interview, Nerdy.

MM...I knew about her earlier too, but this is her first "publicity" photo. *grin* you've obviously not spent nearly enough time with me or my blog if you didn't expect to see a muppet on here.

~ the hilzy one ~ said...

Awe, a baby Mandy Muppett!
I wanna hug her... and you too fishy~

~wonders~ Which Muppett am i???

ZEUS said...

ok.. no really my first thought was, "who the fuck turned Mandy into a fucking pupet"
Let's check the stats

Pink - CHECK, CHECK and CHECK in
no fewer than 5 hues!

FAIRY WINGS - Aren't those the ones Jim gave you last Yule?

WAND - Yes kiddies, this one does give you the gay.

FRECKLES - Ain't she cute?!?

Pom Pom Hair Do - Add a Tiara and she invented the term "pretty pretty princess"

MATCHING DRESS AND EYE SHADOW (pause to realize that I AM that gay) - You wore that to see Lady last time you were in town didn't you?


I think you should sue for copyright infringement. I know they stole your sole!

~ the hilzy one ~ said...

~falls over laughing~

Mandy said...

Um...Trav...honey....should I be worried that you seem to agree that my voice inspires naughty thoughts?