August 26, 2006


A bag full of poker chips gets flashed at me. 5:30 pm rolls around I find myself hanging out at the Eagles club. This isn't a happenin' place, unless you are over 50 and don't really mind that women can't actually be members. Our table is the youngest by far, and even with our sponsor (the man with the chips) we still stick out. As the pitchers of cheap beer and diet pepsi pile up (that's what the chips buy) we share stories, practice our jokes, relax, meet several candidates for mayor and other political offices, harass and are harassed by the drunken frat-boy-like golfers (there was a turnament today), and talk ourselves out of hopping the last boat across the river-to go gambling. Yay for Fridays!


My apartment is semi-livable again. I let it go to hell this last couple of weeks. I just couldn't deal with cleaning.


I've declared war on the 8th graders and so far am winning. Hopefully. Maybe.


My ankle is all better. Mostly. It only hurts a little and the bruising is all gone. My toes weren't broken...just jammed a bit.


M.Matthew said...

I'd love to rack you KNOW I do but I'm a little worried about your ankle...we'll have to be careful with that.

Still I'm gonna try like the devil to get Sat off

Mandy said... could just be mean to me then MM. But really the ankle should be fine by then. Dammit it will be!

M.Matthew said...

LOL...So be it...I'm thinking Baby oil, hot wax, clothes pins...then I'll get mean

Mandy said...


~ the hilzy one ~ said...

oooh ooooh i wanna be mean too!
*jumps up and down*
Daddy can i? can i? pleeeeease?