July 04, 2006

To help waste your time...

As if planning your holiday picnic and picking the best vantage point for firework spotting wasn't enough. Now, you too can play a rousing round of spot the celebrity look-a-like. This video is great..too good not to share. The Kurt Cobain cameo is totally worth it.

Pulp - Bad Cover Version


Big Gay Jim said...

Wow. It's apparently I need to do some work on my musician recognition skills. I only recognized a handful. :( But there was a Cher, an Elton, a George...huh. I guess I know the gay icons! Go fig. ;)

Mandy said...

Quite a few were Brit-pop stars.....and some you needed to know what they looked like in all incarnations. The David Bowie shown here was from shortly after his Ziggy Stardust phase. Not even close to what he looked like in 2002.

I loved Cher's curls, though!