July 06, 2006

My blood...

I've been on a bit of a NIN kick lately. Today while digging through my cd's I realized that my two favorite songs weren't actually on NIN albums. Hurt and Perfect Drug will always appeal to the twisted lil goth inside. Now, Hurt actually is on an album, but I like Johnny Cash's version better. Perfect Drug also has a home on the Lost Highway soundtrack, but it's hidden in among some other amazing pieces.

I also realized that I hadn't seen videos for either song. I'm not sure how I missed them, but Youtube.com came to my rescue. The videos are posted below. I tried combining all of this into one post, but youtube was having none of it. I'm not going to whine, however...I'm just going to go stare at Mr. Reznor in all of his yumminess, and leave you with the knowledge that I'm blogging without anything to say....and you just read it all.