April 11, 2006

Making your blog hits go up...

I adore my new blog tracker. It does most of the same things the last did, but with one nifty addition. It has a function called GeoTracker. Basically, I know where you are posting from...even if you don't tell me.

*Most of the Mandyland readers are from America. (No surprise there.)
*Clay appears to be my connection Japan. (Thanks for the referrals!)
*There is a pretty steady following from Canada. (I'm guessing Mark, but I'm also linked on Sweetness Follows.)
*I've lost England. (Dave apparently isn't reading anymore.)
*Ireland now makes a showing! (You make comments, Garrett, I point you out. *grin*)
*There are a number of hits from France, Germany, Australia, Italy, Brazil, and Belgium. (You didn't stick around long enough for me to catch your names.)

Out of curiousity...why aren't there more girls?


Mark said...

Oh, I'm here! Have you visited Canada? If not, you should! Even though we have a Conservative government now.


Mandy said...

Yay Mark!

I have driven through Canada....took the Al-Can Highway on my move to and from Alaska. I didn't get to spend much time there though. The only thing I really remember is that the boarder patrol people wouldn't stamp my passport even though I had to have it. Silly..but dernit I still want that lil stamp!

Clayton said...

they come for the bondage

dave_niceguy80 said...

I didn't leave you honey, I read from my newreader when you make new posts. A lot of the time I wasn't blogging myself either, that's why you didn't get hits from me for a while. xxx don't forget to send a picture

dave_niceguy80 said...

I just couldn't get the feed for your new blog until now. It didn't seem to work when you first made the move.

Mandy said...

hmmm good to know, Dave.

Glad to see you again....and I have no idea why the feed wasn't working before.