April 28, 2006

I should know better...

Really. I should. Technology and I have never been on a "friendly" basis. It shouldn't be a surprise that when I do decide to join in with some new fangled thing, something else goes bonkers. This time I was trying to install the software to operate a webcam. Somehow, I managed to change a setting somewhere and now when I go to open a download I am automatically defaulted to a black screen. In very small white letters, right in the middle of the screen is a message that for all intents and purposes says I screwed up somewhere. I've managed to click something that defaults all downloads to a screensaver slideshow. No clue! None. Nope. Really.

Any chance you all know how to fix this?


Clayton said...

right-click on any of these possessed files. go to properties, and change
"opens with" to some more friendly program.